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Bottle Washer
1. Thoroughly cleaning inside of the bottle by a precise rotary nozzle inserted into the bottle.
2. No dead angle for the rotary nozzle.
3. Washing inside and outside of the bottle at the same time followed by rinsing.
Excellent for the corners of square bottles.
No fallen brush left inside the bottle.
No exchange of brushes from damage or disfigure required.
No scratches by brushing along with a chance of increasing germ inside the bottle.
Bottle Washer
Model -
Size(mm) 1150(W) x 900(D) x 800(H)
Electric Power AC200V,3P,1.6kw(Cleansing pump:1.5kw Nozzle drive:0.1kw)
Hot Water Supply 20A, 1~2kg/cm2
Water Displacement Duct
* Specially designed water cage (6 x 4) required.
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