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In 1960.
March in 1960, foundation. July in the same year, registration.

Our main plans are for confectionery machines, freezing machines and research apparatus of experiments using animals. Especially we concentrate our energies on washers for every containers. Also We worked assiduously to research and development bread box washers in the confectionery machines field and some cage washers in the research of experiments using animals fields.
In 1963.
It has been newly founded equipments for experiments using animals since 1963. The modernization has advanced rapidly by the demand in the age and rationalization of the equipments in washing rooms have regarded as important.

We served this need and did many tests for cage washers on the trial stage. We adopted enough the fruits of the test which are washing effect of filth, disinfectly effect by a liquid medicine and drying effect, and, we developed washing systems of cage washers and rack washers shaped a tunnel type and a rotary type as the only company in Japan.
The present time.
From "SHOWA" to "HEISEI"
Since then, we have had career for public and private agencies of research organs, cancer laboratories, trial organs, every medical department universities institutions and hospitals and laboratory of pharmaceutical companies, and we have worked hard for the world with our wealth experiences, achievements and the newest skill as our mottos.

Moreover, meanwhile, we got good results of labor saving effect for highly efficient washing power and practical mechanism by our original design on every washing machines, drying machines, conveyor machines of containers in the accumulatly water industry field. Also we have delivery achievements for various industries.

For oversea, we have piled results of mainly washers of experiments using animals field and have gotten the high valuations. And, we have developed washer machines for medicine manufacture equipment (clean room) and have piled results of also this field as the only company in Japan.

It was 50 years in 2010 since I established a company.We thank for the kindness of all of you
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