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SW Type Automatic Washer for Containers
Automatic Washer for Containers
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Case Washer
1. Safe Automatic process of chemical washing washing / rinsing finish.
2. Effective Consistent operation by automatic cleansing allows 20 to 30 times higher the ability of cleansing 20 to 30 cases in an hour.
3. Jet propelled system Originally designed V-shaped jet propelled system is economic and works dynamically with high angle jet and high cleansing power and special silent mixture kills the noise.
4. Heating system Can be supplied by any of steam, heater, gas and oil. Also the temperature in each tank can be controlled.
5. Conveyer The whole process is easy and safe by the conveyer sending the containers to the cleansing room.
6. Operation gearSpeed of the conveyer is adjustable to the level of the contamination of the containers and allows flexible cleansing.
Line Up
SW-B Operation by 1 Person SW-B

Extremely compact model allowing the operation in the space as much as 1.5m x 2m with wheels.

Effective cleansing with consistent temperature of 70°C by either gas or steam.
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SW-1B(Return System) SW-1B(Return System) Operation by 1 Person

More flawless cleansing by return system and high power shower.

Also available by one-way.
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SW-2B Operation by 2 Person SW-2B

Hands-free automatic operation of chemical cleansing, washing/rinsing and finish by the conveyer with the installation of a circulation pump for chemical cleansing and a sensing pump.

Adjustable speed of conveyer by easy handle operation of the gear.

Effective chemical cleansing and washing/rinsing under the consistent temperature of 70°C followed by finishing shower and its sterilizing effect.
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